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5 Things You Need To Start A Shipping Container Conversion Business

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You've seen the trend of turning shipping containers into guest cottages, home offices, cabins, and even homes, and now, you want to start a business selling converted shipping containers. What do you need to get started? Here is an overview of the essentials.

1. Shipping Containers

This may seem obvious, but it's critical to set up a supply of shipping containers before you start your business. You may want to just buy a few before you get started, or you may want to develop a relationship with a company that can supply you with these. 

Consider having multiple suppliers to ensure that you can always get containers. If you can't, you may end up turning down orders and losing your business.

2. Design Ideas

There is no end to the possibilities when you convert a shipping container into something else. What do you want to create? What will set you apart from the competition? 

Do you want to provide basic, cheap designs that are accessible to a wide range of people? Do you prefer to focus on more high-end designs and materials? Do you want to let your customers customize every detail? You get to decide.

3. Shipping Container Trailer for a Truck

You also need to think about the logistics. In particular, how are people going to get the shipping containers that you have designed for them? You may want to outsource this task to a shipping company. 

Or you can handle it in-house when you invest in a shopping container trailer for a truck. Additionally, when you use a truck and trailer set up, you may not need to get a commercial driver's license. Instead, as long as you're just using a big truck to haul the trailer and not a semi, you should be able to get by with the standard Class D license. 

4. Marketing Strategy

In addition to focusing on the tangible elements of your business, you also need to think about the intangibles. How are you going to reach customers? You may be able to rely on word of mouth at first. But eventually, you should consider a website. 

You may also want to put your logo and contact info on your shipping container trailer. This gives you free exposure while you're making deliveries. 

5. Scope of Services

You can just provide the converted shipping container, but you may want to offer a more full list of services. For instance, you may want to clear the land and set up the shipping container. You may even want to help the buyer obtain building permits if needed. Or you may just want to build and drop off. It's up to you.

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