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4 Reasons You Should Use Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers For Sealing Your Packages

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If your company handles hundreds of products packed in boxes for shipping, you might need to invest in some basic tools such as gummed tapes. Your clients value neat packages that protect the products you sell. Proper sealing is crucial to ensure that the contents of the package arrive at their destination in one piece. The following are reasons you should invest in a manual gummed tape dispenser.

1. Easy to Use 

Manual gummed tape dispensers are easy to use. They have basic operations to prevent new employees from wasting time figuring out how to access the tape. Some basic dispensers come with a "pull and tear here" tag to help users operate the dispenser easily. Some allow users to easily pull the tape to a preferred length without tampering with the sticky inner side of the tape. Once done, users may cut the tape, seal their cartons, and move on to the next task. 

2. You Don't Need Electricity 

Manual gummed tape dispensers don't need electrical power to function. They are ideal for warehouses with few electrical outlets. This dispenser will make an ideal addition to any packaging station if you want to minimize your company's utility bills. Furthermore, a manual dispenser is often cordless since it doesn't require electricity. This makes it portable, and you can move it from room to room where it is needed. 

3. Improve User Productivity 

Gummed tape dispensers are incredibly easy to use. They allow users to pull and tear the tape quickly and easily. With a single strip of tape on a carton, you are guaranteed that the contents of the package will arrive safely at their destination. The simple features enhance user experience and improve productivity. Your employees can seal many packaging boxes quickly using gummed tape dispensers. 

4. Reduce Material Costs

Plastic tape often used in hand-held guns tears when applied to cartons. When it does, users find it hard to find the starting point so they can resume the taping process. Besides reducing productivity, it often leads to material wastage. Packers may need to strip down several layers of the tape to ensure the carton's contents are safe. 

Manual gummed tape dispensers go a long way to reduce tape wastage. Since a single strip is enough to secure the box, you will require less tape for your packaging tasks. The tape doesn't tear unnecessarily, minimizing wastage. 

These are reasons to consider trying out manual gummed tape dispensers for sealing your packages. If you are interested in the product, consider looking for reliable suppliers to start enjoying these incredible benefits. 

For more information about manual gummed packing tape dispensers, contact a local company.