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Wood Pallets Tend To Be Better Than Plastic

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If you ship large shipments of products, then you should be using wood pallets. If you aren't already doing so, then after reading this information on some good things they offer, you will likely decide to begin using them. Here is more on wood pallets and why they are so great for bulk shipping: 

Wood pallets are designed to hold a lot of weight

When you are shipping heavier products, you should consider that wood pallets tend to do better at holding a large amount of weight than plastic pallets will. When you go with wood pallets, there are fewer chances of having the wood pallet break, which would be bad for your entire shipment, as well as anything that's near it when it collapses. 

Wood pallets are cheaper

Another thing you want to consider when it comes to pallets is the cost. Wood pallets cost less than plastic ones. Since the wood option is stronger and costs less, you would be saving money on your shipments while also increasing the chances of them getting to their destination without incident. You also want to keep in mind that you may not get your pallets back, so when you are paying less for them it means you are taking a smaller loss. 

Wood pallets are the common choice

Another thing to consider is that most people are used to wood pallets because they are used much more than plastic ones. People receiving your shipment are going to be prepared for wood pallets and in some cases, seeing plastic may make them more cautious, partially because plastic pallets aren't as durable and dependable. 

Wood pallets can be easily reused and repurposed

A big thing people really like about wood pallets is they can be used time and time again. When they finally get to the point where they are past their prime, then they can serve other purposes. The wood can be removed from them and used to help support other shipments. The older pallets can also be used to put things like wood piles on, so the woodpiles aren't at as much of a risk for drawing termites. The trash cans can be put up on those old pallets to help keep the area cleaner and to help prevent pests from getting into the trash as frequently. Wood pallets can also be repaired easily in many cases, where a damaged plastic one won't be good to use for much of anything.

For more information about wood pallets, contact a company near you.