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Should You Choose Solo or Team Truck Driving?

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Do you want to pursue a career in over-the-road truck driving? If so, this could be the start of a profitable and enjoyable career that will last you a lifetime. But first, you'll have to make one big decision: whether to drive solo or as part of a team. Which is right for you? Here are four key things to know.

1. Companies Like Teams

The appeal of hiring a team of drivers is easy to see from a company's perspective. The transportation isn't reliant on one single person who may be put out of commission by illness, family emergencies, or personal issues. The other driver takes their place, ensuring the load gets to its destination. In addition, the team can work longer hours, take more loads, and get to destinations faster with shift driving. 

2. Teams Have to Get Along

Probably the biggest challenge for team drivers is spending vast amounts of time together in the cab. This is one reason that many teams of drivers are made up of two people in a relationship. While getting along with your partner in small spaces can be challenging, it's a benefit for drivers who are leery of spending the majority of drive time by themselves. The extra company might be just what you're looking for. 

3. There's No One Answer to Profitability

Certainly, team driving has some profitability advantages. They spend more hours on the road, getting goods to destinations faster and taking on more work. And because shippers and carriers like the added reliability of teams, the team may get more opportunities than solo drivers. However, teams must split the profits that solo drivers keep for themselves. Each person must crunch the numbers to figure out how these affect them. 

4. Solo Drivers Have Total Control

When you work with another driver, you agree to give up control of the vehicle and the trip for a certain period of time. Each driver must trust the other when it comes to driving, loads, and truck care. This can be challenging for some drivers, particularly if they own the truck. Solo drivers maintain complete control — so if this is important to you, team driving may not work.

Where to Learn More

Do you think your personality, your financial situation, and your driving skills lend themselves to team driving? Or could solo driving be the way to ensure you enjoy your time on the road with fewer potential problems? The best way to start making this big decision is to learn more about the driving opportunities that are available. Browse available solo and team jobs in your area today by talking to companies like Advantage Transportation