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Sustainable Packaging Tips For Your Business

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Packaging your products before you ship them is a critical step for minimizing the risk of the products being damaged while they are being shipped. Unfortunately, packaging waste can be a major contributing factor to environmental damage, and many business leaders may be looking for options to utilize sustainable industrial packaging solutions.

Use Paper Packaging Supplies When Possible

Plastic packaging supplies can be extremely common, but they may also be far worse for the environment than paper options. When you utilize paper packaging solutions, you can be confident that the paper will be both highly recyclable as well as biodegradable. While some individuals may assume that these packaging solutions will not be as effective as plastic, it is possible to make paper shipping supplies that are conformed to the shape of your products and that are able to absorb much of the force from impacts.

Choose Recycled Industrial Packaging Supplies

When you are buying shipping supplies, you may be able to opt for recycled packaging supplies without substantially increasing the cost of buying these materials or reducing the quality of protection that your items are receiving. Unfortunately, not every industrial packaging supplier will be able to provide clients with recycled shipping supplies. However, it may be worth shopping around for one that can meet this need if you prioritize minimizing the environmental impacts of your business's activities. Industrial packaging services that are able to offer customized packaging solutions will often be able to utilize recycled materials when making the shipping supplies that your products will require to be safely sent to their destinations.

Avoid Overpackaging The Items

Overpackaging the items that you are sending can significantly increase the amount of packaging waste that your business is generating. Additionally, it can increase the shipping costs for your business in a couple of important ways. The most obvious is that this will directly increase the costs that your business incurs for each package that it prepares to ship. However, it can also increase the weight of the packages that you are sending, which can lead to much higher shipping fees. In order to identify the appropriate amount of packaging that you will need, it may be necessary to conduct a series of stress tests that will allow you to identify the amount of force that is needed to damage the items, you are sending along with the ability of various packaging designs to absorb the forces that can be expected during shipping.