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Cones That Will Prevent Pallets From Being Stacked

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Stacking pallets could result in damages to corrugated cartons and other shipping containers that are secured to a pallet. Even if you and your shipping employees are aware of the potential problems associated with stacking particular goods, a freight truck driver may not be. Cones that alert transporters of your desire to leave palletized items on a single level will protect its goods.

Cardboard Cones That Contain Bold Print

Corrugated cardboard cones that contain foldable seams can be assembled at your place of business. Manufacturers who sell cone shipping products may feature cardboard cutouts sold in bulk. Each cone will contain a bold-printed message that tells handlers to avoid stacking pallets on top of one another.

Cardboard cones work similarly to signage that is designated for fragile items. A three-dimensional cone can be more effective in relaying a message, however. This is due to a cone jutting upward from the top of a pallet and instantly alerting a handler. The handler will not only see the shape of the cone, they will also be furnished with printed details about your preference to leave palletized items unstacked.

Products That Are Easy To Assemble And Secure

Cardboard cones will contain score marks on them. A cone can be assembled by folding the cardboard along each marked seam. Tabs that run along the end of each cone will fit snugly within perforations that have been made along the opposite end of a cone. After assembling a cone, palletized products should be wrapped and tagged.

Once an order is ready for shipment, double-sided tape or strips of packing tape can be used to secure the base of a cone to the top of a pallet. The edges of each cone will jut outward. These flapped sections will provide plenty of space for tape to be secured to the underside of a cone. Tape should be applied to each edge of the cardboard. This will prevent a cone from coming loose while a forklift or another piece of machinery is being used to move a pallet into or out of a freight truck's cargo area.

Cones are relatively small in size and won't take up much-needed space within a cargo area. If you are concerned about a handler not spotting a cone when they initially pick up goods from your place of business, purchase three-dimensional cone products that contain cardboard that is a bright orange or yellow color and that features bold lettering. For more information about do not stack pallet cones, contact a local supplier.