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Four Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Using Cardboard Boxes For A Residential Move

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Proper packaging is essential to ensuring a safe and hassle-free residential move. Therefore, you need to choose the right cardboard boxes for your move and utilize them correctly. Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that can jeopardize the safety of your valuables during the relocation. Therefore, avoid these mistakes when buying cardboard boxes and packing for a residential move. 

Failing to Assess Your Packaging Needs

A grave mistake you can make when moving is buying boxes without assessing your packaging needs. You need to figure out the number of boxes you need to avoid overstuffing them and exceeding their weight capacity. If you end up with small boxes, you won't be able to fit large items into them. Therefore, before buying cardboard boxes, assess your packaging needs.

Determine the number of boxes you require based on the items in your home. Consider the weight, size, and shape of individual pieces and purchase packaging boxes that will fit everything perfectly. Remember, you shouldn't exceed the weight capacity of the boxes. Therefore, pack heavy items in separate boxes and fill the remaining space with lighter items.

Using Old and Worn Cardboard Boxes

Recycling old boxes may seem affordable and sustainable, but it can jeopardize the safety of your valuables. If the boxes are worn or damaged, they can put your valuables at risk during the move. The bottom of old boxes can fall out and shatter your fragile items. Invest in new cardboard boxes to protect your household items.

New, unused boxes are structurally sound and in great condition; thus, the risk of the bottom falling out is reduced. If you have old, worn boxes from previous moves, you can sell them online or donate them to community centers and local businesses.

Skimping on Packing Supplies

You need the right packaging supplies to secure your moving boxes. If you skimp on supplies such as packing tape, your boxes may come apart during transportation. Therefore, invest in adequate packing tape to seal the boxes correctly. Use bubble wrap to wrap glass and fragile items before placing them in the boxes. You can also insert protective foam between the fragile items to prevent them from knocking against each other inside the boxes.

Failing to Seal Liquid Bottles

Cardboard boxes don't hold up well when exposed to moisture. Liquid spills can compromise the structural integrity of the boxes during the move. Therefore, if you plan to pack liquid bottles inside the boxes, seal them tightly to prevent spills. Use plastic wrap to secure the tops of liquid bottles. Use bubble wrap to protect glass bottles from breaking and spilling liquids inside your moving boxes.

Avoid the above mistakes when using cardboard boxes for your residential move. Buy cardboard moving boxes and other moving supplies from a local supplier.